Josh Pospy

My CrossFit story started in March of 2013. I was looking to find something to do with my time after recently graduating from college. I joined a gym in Florence, Alabama. I fell in love with CrossFit from the time I started. I got in great shape and was so much stronger than when I played sports in high school. In March of 2014 I got my “big boy job” which required me to move to Birmingham. Once I started working I thought that I would have time to work out and find a gym. My work schedule kept me busy so I thought I didn’t have time to join a gym or even work out on my own at my house. I fell off the wagon hard for a year and a half. I knew I was putting on weight but I wasn’t sure how much. In October of 2015 I went to the doctor for a normal checkup and weighed 282 pounds. My doctor sat me down and told me that in a years time since he last saw me that I had put on 75 pounds. I told myself I was going to start fresh in 2016 and get back in shape. 

I had a reality check one night at church. I started having tightness in my chest and chest pain. For a moment I thought I was having a heart attack. I told myself right then I had to get in shape and get healthy. I couldn’t wait til the start of a new year. I was embarrassed of myself so I would not allow myself to join a gym. I had already purchased a barbell, weights and other items so I started back doing CrossFit in my garage. Once I started back I realized how much I had genuinely missed CrossFit. I worked out in my garage for a year and got to the point to where I hated working out by myself. I told myself it might be time to start looking into joining a gym. 

In August of 2016 I moved to Alabaster. I literally knew no one. I was in a new city by myself. My second day of living in Alabaster I joined CrossFit Alabaster. This is where my story gets better. CrossFit on its own is a great workout program and way to get in shape. But CrossFit Alabaster is a family. Some of my closest friends are from the gym. I used to view working out as way of punishing myself for years of harming my body and putting on weight. But now it is literally one of the high points of my day. I get to go see my friends and get a workout in and better myself. 

In November of 2018 year I officially hit 100 pounds of weight loss and have since lost an additional 25 pounds for a total of 125 pounds lost. I can honestly say that CrossFit saved my life. If you are on the fence about starting, do it. Take it from me. It is for anybody. I did it when I was in shape, out of shape and now getting back to being in shape. 

Greg D’Alessio

Growing up nutrition, working out, and sports were always a big part of our lives. It had been a couple years since Misty and I had stepped foot in a traditional gym due to being burnt out with the routine when our good friend Barbara invited us to CFA. There was the initial anxiousness and intimidation walking into the first class but that quickly melted away due to our awesome instructor. Yes, there was constant soreness for the next few weeks but we kept showing up because we’d never been challenged like this before.  And speaking of challenges, the Nutrition Challenge was the spark needed to go from 24% body fat down to 12% the first year with intermittent fasting.  I was able to maintain until the following challenge where I learned about balancing macros which dropped me down to 9%.  I’m fascinated about how the body works with the results I experienced and the knowledge I gained on this journey has become my new healthy lifestyle.

There’s something special about CFA because we’ve experienced so much more than just nutrition and fitness. Yes, I’ve cut 30 lbs of fat; yes, I’ve been challenged to learn new gymnastic moves and olympic lifts never attempted before; yes, I’ve increased strength and able to move 100+ pounds more on some lifts but there’s something much deeper.

To sum up in one sentence it’s life to the fullest. Being a part of like minded people is truly a blessing. Pushing one another to hit an array of goals thus breaking down barriers, praying together, letting go and being yourself all segue into life outside of the gym and the best possible me in order to serve others. I can’t imagine life without CFA and my gym fam; I’m forever grateful!

Caleb Halstead

I began my membership at CrossFit Alabaster in March of 2013. I was seriously overweight, short of breath and had issues with flexibility and balance. My first baseline WOD required well over 12 minutes to complete and my legs would not support me when it was over. I completed my most recent baseline WOD in a little over six minutes. I will never be an “elite” CrossFit athlete, as I have physical limitations that preclude my participation in some of the exercises. The weights I use in most any exercise are not impressive.

But today I am unquestionably stronger, more fit, healthier and feel better than I have in over twenty-five years. I am delighted to be a part of a group of athletic men and women who thrive on personal improvement and mutual encouragement and support.

Coach Leigh Hulsey has been instrumental and amazing in helping me modify movements and WODs in order to enable me to participate to my fullest ability. I work out three or four days each week and look forward to each day’s WOD with “The 8:15 Misfits.” Hip replacement surgery in December of 2014 delayed my progress, but I’m working hard on making up for lost time.

CrossFit Alabaster is one of the best things I have ever done for my health and well-being. And, by the way, I am currently 72 years old. My shirts are now a little tight and my pants are loose, but who’s complaining? Quit? Never!

Steven Davenport

I officially began CrossFit in 2012. I have always been athletic and played baseball, football, and basketball growing up. After graduating from college, I stopped working out and noticed that it started taking a toll on my health. One New Years, I made a resolution to start working out again and stay with it throughout the whole year.

That resolution I started turned into a hobby — I know it sounds crazy. I enjoyed working out and was going to the YMCA four to five times a week. While I was there, I started chatting with a guy who did CrossFit out of his garage. He invited me over and I immediately got hooked to the competitiveness of the sport. After working out of his garage for a year, I joined CrossFit Alabaster in 2013.

The one thing I noticed right away was the friendships and camaraderie I built. That feeling of not only finishing a workout, but cheering the people who are suffering with you to finish the workout is what I enjoyed the most. I have met some great people who are such caring and thoughtful people.

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and we were in the hospital for two weeks, the act of kindness that the people of CrossFit Alabaster showed cannot be put into words. CrossFit to me, especially CrossFit Alabaster, is not just a word or activity I do, but it is family to me and the people I get to share it with means the world to me!!!!

Morgan Chatham

Last May, my husband was looking for a new challenge. He was already running a 5k per month and wanted something more involved. The YMCA just wasn’t cutting it. So, he found CrossFit Alabaster and visited. He fell immediately in love. In June, the soccer coach at the high school encouraged my daughter’s team to join a CrossFit gym to improve their strength and stamina in the off season. Immediately, our CrossFit Alabaster (CFA) membership went from a one-person to a two-person. In the fall, they competed in their first competition. I went to watch. That is where my story begins.

I watched the athletes do all of these cool things and thought to myself, “I can do that!” Now let me explain. I was overweight. Very overweight.

I started at CFA in a 2-week 101 class. I learned the basics, the terminology and the right way to do things. I thought that was the hardest thing I had ever done- but I did it. Once I was released into the classes, I was so immediately impressed with how positive everyone was and how encouraging the entire place is. And when I was completely overwhelmed at the complexity of a workout, there was ALWAYS a scale.

When I walked in the door, I couldn’t even do an on-the-knees pushup or a single squat. Last night I did push-ups and 120 squats (among other things)! I am daily amazed at the things that CFA is helping me do. I “knew I could do it”, but I had no idea what all I would ACTUALLY be able to do! I am now 40 pounds and 4 pant sizes smaller. (Thank you, squats!)

It is eleven months later and my daughter, husband and I are still at it- we even added the youngest minion to the bunch! I will stay with this until they drag me out. I am a work in progress and still have a lot of work to do, but I can’t imagine doing it anywhere but CFA. I love this place and I love the me that it is helping me become.

Would you like to add your CrossFit Alabaster experience?