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Caleb Halstead

I began my membership at CrossFit Alabaster in March of 2013. I was seriously overweight, short of breath and had issues with flexibility and balance. My first baseline WOD required well over 12 minutes to complete and my legs would not support me when it was over. I completed my most recent baseline WOD in a little over six minutes. I will never be an “elite” CrossFit athlete, as I have physical limitations that preclude my participation in some of the exercises. The weights I use in most any exercise are not impressive.

But today I am unquestionably stronger, more fit, healthier and feel better than I have in over twenty-five years. I am delighted to be a part of a group of athletic men and women who thrive on personal improvement and mutual encouragement and support.

Coach Leigh Hulsey has been instrumental and amazing in helping me modify movements and WODs in order to enable me to participate to my fullest ability. I work out three or four days each week and look forward to each day’s WOD with “The 8:15 Misfits.” Hip replacement surgery in December of 2014 delayed my progress, but I’m working hard on making up for lost time.

CrossFit Alabaster is one of the best things I have ever done for my health and well-being. And, by the way, I am currently 72 years old. My shirts are now a little tight and my pants are loose, but who’s complaining? Quit? Never!