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Steven Davenport

I officially began CrossFit in 2012. I have always been athletic and played baseball, football, and basketball growing up. After graduating from college, I stopped working out and noticed that it started taking a toll on my health. One New Years, I made a resolution to start working out again and stay with it throughout the whole year.

That resolution I started turned into a hobby — I know it sounds crazy. I enjoyed working out and was going to the YMCA four to five times a week. While I was there, I started chatting with a guy who did CrossFit out of his garage. He invited me over and I immediately got hooked to the competitiveness of the sport. After working out of his garage for a year, I joined CrossFit Alabaster in 2013.

The one thing I noticed right away was the friendships and camaraderie I built. That feeling of not only finishing a workout, but cheering the people who are suffering with you to finish the workout is what I enjoyed the most. I have met some great people who are such caring and thoughtful people.

When my daughter was diagnosed with a rare blood disease and we were in the hospital for two weeks, the act of kindness that the people of CrossFit Alabaster showed cannot be put into words. CrossFit to me, especially CrossFit Alabaster, is not just a word or activity I do, but it is family to me and the people I get to share it with means the world to me!!!!