Single $150 + Spouse $130
Family $350 ***Up to 5 Members in same residence

Long-Term Discounts

6 Month Agreement

Single $140** + Spouse $120**

12 Month Agreement

Single $130** + Spouse $115**

Student, Military, First Responder Rates


$130 per month

Ready to get started?

The Fine Print

All Contracts are month to month with a 30 day written notice to cancel unless otherwise noted. Meaning if you haven’t notified management of your intent to cancel membership within 30 days of your next scheduled draft payment it will automatically renew.

CrossFit CFA requires one-time Prep Course ($75). Active Fitness requires one-time Introduction Course ($25).

**Indicates rate with a one year contract, no early cancellations allowed.

***All family members must reside at the same address.

Accounts may be put on hold for one month and will then automatically resume. Only upon cancellation or membership hold longer than 1 month will the member be subject to the current rate. Members may suspend (different from a hold) their membership indefinitely with a $15 (individual) or $25 (couples) monthly payment and upon their return their previous rate will be honored.