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Greg D’Alessio

Growing up nutrition, working out, and sports were always a big part of our lives. It had been a couple years since Misty and I had stepped foot in a traditional gym due to being burnt out with the routine when our good friend Barbara invited us to CFA. There was the initial anxiousness and intimidation walking into the first class but that quickly melted away due to our awesome instructor. Yes, there was constant soreness for the next few weeks but we kept showing up because we’d never been challenged like this before.  And speaking of challenges, the Nutrition Challenge was the spark needed to go from 24% body fat down to 12% the first year with intermittent fasting.  I was able to maintain until the following challenge where I learned about balancing macros which dropped me down to 9%.  I’m fascinated about how the body works with the results I experienced and the knowledge I gained on this journey has become my new healthy lifestyle.

There’s something special about CFA because we’ve experienced so much more than just nutrition and fitness. Yes, I’ve cut 30 lbs of fat; yes, I’ve been challenged to learn new gymnastic moves and olympic lifts never attempted before; yes, I’ve increased strength and able to move 100+ pounds more on some lifts but there’s something much deeper.

To sum up in one sentence it’s life to the fullest. Being a part of like minded people is truly a blessing. Pushing one another to hit an array of goals thus breaking down barriers, praying together, letting go and being yourself all segue into life outside of the gym and the best possible me in order to serve others. I can’t imagine life without CFA and my gym fam; I’m forever grateful!