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Building a stronger, healthier you

Building a stronger, healthier you

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

Weekly Challenges for 15.1

→ February 27, 2015

Friday Night Lights Logo 2015





You must get 8 hours of sleep each night Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week

Accumulate 25 minutes of jump rope work/practice

Take fish oil everyday

Friday Night Lights Teams

→ February 25, 2015

Team 1                           Team 2                  Team 3                      Team 4

Jen McGriff (Capt)       Big E (Capt)            Art Snyder (Capt)       Liz Walker (Capt)

Anna Sparks                  Jon Gehri                 Jamie McLellan          Greg D”Alessio

Leigh Hulsey                 Dennis Hulsey         Wade Simmons          Jose Jimenez

Barry Labovitz              Drew Davis               Chad Griggs                Steven Davenport

Howard Bailey             Rachel Arrington      Mandy McMichael   Adrian Candelaria

Misty D’Alessio            Daniel Combs            Dotti Bailey               John Firstbrook

Taylor Phillips              Kendall Moore          Rebecca Purvis         Nikki C

Lindsey Simmons        Allen Woodruff         Chris Heinisch         Kirk Slaughter

                                      Alicia Kelly                 Jamie Purvis             Katie Candelaria

Friday Night Lights Weekly Challenges

→ February 25, 2015

Friday Night Lights Logo 2015Hey Everyone, well it’s almost here. The announcement is just a little over 24 hours away and I really cannot wait. I still would love to know what everyone is thinking 15.1 will be?

The draft is going to be taking place tonight and I am honestly hoping for 2 more people so all the teams will be even. I am blown away, we have 34 people signed up for the Open this year and I think that is the most we have ever had participate before. Can you imagine what my happy dance looks like now? wink emoticon Once the draft is finished I will post it here as well as the website.

Now a couple of reminders this is also a friendly gym competition. Each week points will be awarded based on certain tasks and accomplishments. As a quick review the points will be awarded as follows

Weekly Points
5 Points – to top finishes for female and male (both RX and Scaled)
3 Points – for each athlete that competes on Friday
2 Points – for each athlete that accomplishes a Weekly Challenge item
(There are 3 different areas you can participate in Lifestyle, Fitness and Recovery/Mobility – Meaning you can earn 6 points if you complete all 3 areas)
5 Points – for the Spirit Award (can be award based on team or individual)

So how exactly do the Weekly Challenges work? Well as mentioned above there are three different areas, Lifestyle, Fitness and Recovery/Mobility. Each week I will list the challenges on Friday morning on our website and you will have until the following week’s event starts at 4:30 to complete the challenges. Each team will have a folder in the gym on the cubbies by the whiteboard wall. There will be a sheet in your teams folder each week with everyones name on it, you will need to check off the challenges that you completed before we begin that evening in order for your work to be counted. The sheets will be collected promptly at 4:30, so if you cannot be there arrange for your captain or anything teammate to fill in your challenges.

Friday Night Lights Update

→ February 21, 2015

Friday Night Lights Logo 2015Alright guys and girls open week is upon us and some of you are asking…what in the world did I sign myself up for?

Well what you just signed up for is 5 weeks of awesomeness!!! You signed up for Community + Competition + Energy = Crushing PR’s

Friday Night Lights will be fun, exciting, and have a spirit of competition amongst ourselves too. We will be divided into four teams with team captains who will draft the teams. It will be done fairly and I will have one coaches pick for each team. Otherwise this is solely done by the athletes for the athletes!! I’m so excited, I really cannot wait!!

I know you will all be dying to find out who is on your team so you can start to plan your world domination but before we go down that road…Let’s take a minute to explain the scoring system that will be used for the event.

Weekly Points
5 Points – to top finishes for female and male (both RX and Scaled)
3 Points – for each athlete that competes on Friday nights
2 Points – for each athlete that accomplishes a weekly challenge item
5 Points – for the Spirit Award (can be award based on team or individual)

Now who’s ready for some FUN???

Friday Night Lights

→ February 21, 2015

Friday Night Lights Logo 2015The Open is just around the Corner!!!

It’s time to celebrate our hard work this past year, our competitive spirit and see some new PR’s!! The Open isn’t just a competition – it’s a chance to support your fellow CFA family members, a chance to push yourself in a way you never have or typically might not.

The Open is always fun at CFA, but this year I want to change things up just a little bit. This year during the Open we will have “Friday Night Lights” (an idea shared by an affiliate (for anyone’s use) CF Fast Factory – their owner, John Swanson, has a wonderful mindset about community which to me is what CF is all about). Several of the aspects of this event will be similar to our event in the past but some of it will be new (and we will be changing a couple of things to better fit our specific needs).

This event will, obviously, take place on Friday nights. We will still have normal hours for those of you who cannot make it to FNL to come in and get your Open workouts in before Monday’s deadline.

This event will consist of 5 (Friday) nights of local competition starting February 27th and ending March 27th, 2015. We will workout in heat, cheer each other on, and grill out! For some, this will be the first time you have ever competed in the Open. For others, it is a chance to showcase how far you have come and hit a few PR’s!!!

Once registration ends, you will be placed on one of four teams to participate in an in house competition as well. Details about how points will be awarded for this part of the competition will be in a later post. So go get signed and get excited!!!!

Click on the link below, then clink on Register!!!

Barnyard Throwdown!

→ December 28, 2014

The Barnyard Throwdown is coming up February 14th. We already have a handful of teams signed up but there are still a few looking for teammates if you are interested in competing.

If you just want to come watch all your friends compete the competition is at:

1100 greensport road, Ohatchee, AL

The competition starts at 9:00AM and we will meet at 6:30 that morning to caravan.

Want to get started?

→ December 28, 2014

Our next 101 starts January 5th, call to get signed up today. (205)451-2955

GPS Address

→ April 11, 2014

Place this address in your GPS
1769-1809 Simmsville Rd
Alabaster, AL 35007