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Building a stronger, healthier you

Building a stronger, healthier you

Weekly Challenge 15.4

→ March 20, 2015

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Couch stretch 1 minute per hour that you sit

5 minute AMRAP
16 Squats
8 Push-ups

5 minute of pain ball/foam rolling daily

Weekly Challenge 15.3

→ March 13, 2015

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Send 5 teammate attaboys

Accumulate 3K running/rowing/biking

One protein shake post WOD 3 times this week

Weekly Challenge 15.2

→ March 6, 2015

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Drink water: 1/2 your body weight in ounces daily

Accumulate 10 minutes of plank hold

2 hours of mobility

March Athlete of the Month 2015

→ March 5, 2015

11024089_875717839160210_4198294569194323764_nCongrats to our Athlete of the Month, Mandy McMichael (aka, Matilda, Tilda, Tilder, Mary Alice)

1. Tell us a little bit about you and your family:
I grew up in Prattville. I have an older brother who used to make me ride in the back of his truck, even if it was raining.
I have been married to my wonderful husband since 2009. We met for the first time while I was cleaning his aunts house. We have an awesome son, Wyatt, who joins me most days at the gym.

2. Occupation:
I am an ER nurse.

3. Hobbies and interests:
I enjoy reading, sleeping, being active, and spending time with my family and friends.

4. How long have you been Crossfitting:
I have been crossfitting for almost 2 years.

5. What’s your favorite CF movement/least favorite CF movement:
My favorite CF movement is thrusters.
My least favorite is rope climbs.
***So, I’m guessing you had a love hate relationship with Tuesday’s WOD. Ha

6. What were your first thoughts after you complete your first CF workout:
” I don’t think I’m going to be able to drive home safely.”

7. Tell us something we don’t know about you:
I am allergic to public speaking.

8. What are you most proud of regarding your CF journey:
Being able to perform movements and getting PRs. Before starting crossfit, I tried to be a cardio junky. Now I lift, can climb a rope, kip a pull-up and HSPU and so much more

Fill in the blank
I like: laughing
I eat: all the time
I wish: I could be a runner
I am: beyond blessed and super thankful for my CFBANBs.

CFA CrossFit Games Leaderboard 15.1 and 15.1a

→ March 5, 2015

Winners for 15.1
Boys (RX)
1. Chad Griggs (5 points)
2. Drew Davis
3. Steven Davenport

Girls (RX)
1. Anna Sparks (5 points)
2. Jenn McGriff
3. Leigh Hulsey

Boys (Scaled)
1. Jon Gehri (5 points)
2. Jose Jimenez
3. Greg D’Alessio

Girls (Scaled)
1. Lindsey Simmons (5 points)
2. KSnatch (Karen Gay)
3. L3 (Jamie M.)

Winners for 15.1a
Boys (RX) 

1. Drew Davis (5 points)
2. Chad Griggs
3. Steven Davenport

Girls (RX)
1. Anna Sparks (5 points)
2. Nikki C.
3. Jenn McGriff

Boys (Scaled)
1. Blake Hines (5 points)
2. Jon Gehri
3. Howard Bailey

Girls (Scaled)
1. Lindsey Simmons (5 points)
2. Rebecca Purvis
3. KSnatch (Karen Gay)

Friday Night Lights Recap 15.1

→ March 1, 2015

15.1 Greg Becca Misty Knee RaisesWOW, that was exciting. Well I think the kickoff went great and I am still living off the high from Friday night. I think it may very well carry me until next Friday. I cannot say enough wonderful things about FNL. This is definitely a keeper. We had a packed house, full of energy, constant excitement and encouragement. I loved every minute of it.

It was a room full of experienced Open athletes and beginner Open athletes. Some of you have only been doing CF a few months and are already jumping into the competition aspect of CrossFit fast, I love it! Some of you were much more reserved and “not so sure about this Leigh”, well I hope after one night that you’re SOLD OUT! I know I am.

I want to take a minute let you all know how incredibly proud I am of each and every one of you. This is one of the most amazing times during the entire year for our gym, it will be one of the most community building times for us all year. Take the time to get to know others from different classes and have FUN. I am inspired by each of you, I hope you all know that. Your hard work all year is paying off now and will continue to do so for the next four weeks…I am pumped about that.

I wanted to take the time to list a few of the PR’s from 15.1:

Daniel hit a 205# Clean
Jon G hit a 205# Clean
Mandy hit a 100# Clean
Becca hit a 120# C&J
Jamie (Spicy D) hit a 150# C&J
Jen McGriff hit a 105# Clean
Nikki got 43 T2B

Congrats to all of you and everyone else that PR’d and I just haven’t heard about it yet.

I also want to thank Eric Savage once again for the great photos he captured Friday evening. You can follow him on IG @morethanwods and on FB at More Than Wods. Please thank him if you get a chance.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone that helped by judging, without that we might have been there all night and it wouldn’t have been the same. You guys were amazing and so encouraging…yes, I know we are not supposed to do that, but I am actually one of those people that simply has a hard time with that…it is what CFA is…we encourage!! And you guys are the BEST at it, so thank you!

Now don’t forget FNL competitors you have weekly challenges to participate in…so keep working this week! I cannot wait to see what 15.2 has in store for us.

Weekly Challenges for 15.1

→ February 27, 2015

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You must get 8 hours of sleep each night Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of next week

Accumulate 25 minutes of jump rope work/practice

Take fish oil everyday

Friday Night Lights Teams

→ February 25, 2015

Team 1                           Team 2                  Team 3                      Team 4

Jen McGriff (Capt)       Big E (Capt)            Art Snyder (Capt)       Liz Walker (Capt)

Anna Sparks                  Jon Gehri                 Jamie McLellan          Greg D”Alessio

Leigh Hulsey                 Dennis Hulsey         Wade Simmons          Jose Jimenez

Barry Labovitz              Drew Davis               Chad Griggs                Steven Davenport

Howard Bailey             Rachel Arrington      Mandy McMichael   Adrian Candelaria

Misty D’Alessio            Daniel Combs            Dotti Bailey               John Firstbrook

Taylor Phillips              Kendall Moore          Rebecca Purvis         Nikki C

Lindsey Simmons        Allen Woodruff         Chris Heinisch         Kirk Slaughter

                                      Alicia Kelly                 Jamie Purvis             Katie Candelaria