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Three Tips to Stay On Track with Your Fitness this Summer

Sunshine, vacations, ball games, pool parties- summer is a fun time. But for most, it is also a very busy time. This can lead to a dip in exercise routines. Here are 3 ways to stay on track with your fitness this summer.

1. Schedule Your Workouts
Don’t let summer chaos disrupt your workouts! Block out dedicated time slots in your calendar for your workouts. Treat these appointments like important meetings you wouldn’t miss.

2. Set Aside 30 Minutes a Week for Meal Prep
With summer’s busy schedule, utilize your free time for meal prep. This way, you’ll have healthy snacks and meals on hand to stay fueled and avoid temptations. Think pre-chopped fruits and veggies, portioned nuts and yogurt,and pre-cooked lean proteins for easy grab-and-go options.

Summer also brings grilling season! Fire up the grill for lean protein powerhouses like chicken or fish.

3. Find A “Workout Buddy”
Having a workout buddy is a great way to beat the summer slump. The social aspect boosts motivation, makes workouts more fun, and keeps you accountable. Partner up with a friend and on the days you don’t feel like going due to competing priorities, let them know and see the type of accountability they provide.

I hope these tips help you as we head into these summer months!