Sick Policy

During flu and cold season, goodness knows what other viruses are out there, it is extremely important that you keep your germs away from CFA.

If you, your child(ren) are feeling under the weather, running a fever or experiencing any symptoms of any contagious illness PLEASE do NOT come to the gym. We have members and staff who have or live with compromised immune systems and it is unfair to them to put them at risk. Not to mention our staff needs to remain well in order to staff your classes and it’s not nice to put anyone at risk of being sick so you can get a workout in.

We all have jobs and responsibilities so I am just reminding each of you to keep the germs out of CFA. If you or your littles are sick shoot me a text and I will be happy to provide you with an at home WOD. 

When you are sick your body needs rest in order to heal quickly. Working out only taxes the body and does not assist with quick recovery. Rest, feel better and we will see you as soon as you are well. 

Rules To Go By

  • If you have fever, don’t come.
  • If you have an “upset” stomach, don’t come.
  • If you have been throwing up, don’t come.
  • If you have strep, flu or cold symptoms, don’t come.
  • If you know your sick, don’t come.

And please wait until you have been fever free for at least 24 hours.

Thanks for assisting us with this and here’s to a sick free winter season at CFA!!