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“CFA Anywhere” WOD, June 9, 2024

“CFA Anywhere” – Sun, Jun 9

Sunday Steps + Sunshine (Checkmark)

Complete a 15 Minute Walk (outdoors if possible).

Bonus Challenge: no phone/music. Enjoy nature, be in the moment, observe, pray, etc.

Score = # of Steps. 😊 If you don’t know the step count, then just put an emoji or “0”.

Sunday Stretching (Checkmark)

4 Rounds (16 minutes)
:30 Elevated Hamstring Stretch (left)
:30 Elevated Hamstring Stretch (right)
:30 Couch Stretch (left)
:30 Couch Stretch (right)
:30 Pigeon Stretch (left)
:30 Pigeon Stretch (right)
:30 Cat Cow
:30 Seal Stretch

I realize this may be boring but it is going to be worth it 🙂

Athletes Notes