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“CFA Anywhere” WOD, June 10, 2024

“CFA Anywhere” – Mon, Jun 10

Current Cycle: Strength Surge

Current Cycle: Strength Surge
Length: 12 weeks (Week of June 3 – Week of August 19)

Tests / Main Focus:
1) Squat Strength
2) Overhead Pressing Endurance

Don’t worry, if you haven’t been following for the whole cycle – you can hop in at any point and still get great workouts – both strength and conditioning. 😊

Warm Up

3 Rounds
10 Crossbody Arm Swings
10 Cat Cows
5 Dynamic Squat Stretches
5 Samson Lunges (each)
30 second Jog

Athletes Notes

Bodyweight + Minimal: Boston Celtics (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP 20 Minutes
400m Run
20 Sit Ups
100ft Bear Crawl (or 50ft Handstand Walk)

Athletes Notes


  • Score run as: every meter counts as a rep.
  • Score bear crawl as: every 25ft counts as a rep. Multiply Handstand Walk reps by 2 to make it equivalent to Bear Crawl.
    • Example Score if doing Bear Crawls
      If you get through 3 rounds and during the 4 round you get 50ft of Bear Crawl when the time ends, your score would be 3+422 (400m +20 sit ups + 2 Bear Crawl reps)
    • Example Score if doing Handstand Walk
      If you get through 3 rounds and during the 4 round you get 25ft of Handstand Walk when the time ends, your score would be 3+422 (400m +20 sit ups + [1 Handstand Walk Rep x 2] to make it even with bear crawls)

Workout Strategy and Flow

  • Reminder that AMRAP means As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible. You have 20 minutes to work towards your score for the day.
  • Run – we need to pace ourselves when completing these 400ms. We want to work at a sustainable running pace so that we can keep consistent round times. If you come out too fast in the first 400m run, you will likely fall off towards the second half of the 20 minutes.
  • 20 minutes is a long time to work, keep that in mind when picking your pace.
  • Sit Ups – smooth is fast here. We want to be sure we can get started on these right away when we get back from the run. As the rounds go on, expect core fatigue.
  • Bear Crawl or Handstand Walk – the bear crawls are done with your hips/knees low to the ground. Should be performed similar to shuttle runs, where you go down 25ft, back 25ft, down 25ft, back 25ft to save space. If completing Handstand Walk, you should be able to do at least 25ft at a time.


  • Run –> we want you to run, even if you feel like you are not “fast” or would consider yourself “bad” at running. This is how you get better. Here are your options:
    • 1) Run for 2 minutes, no matter the distance.
    • 2) If you cannot consistently run for 2 minutes each round, then you can complete as 30 second run, 30 second walk, 30 second run, 30 second walk
  • Run–> if you cannot run due to injury, here are your options:
  • Bear Crawl –> if you do not have the space complete 20 Bear Crawl Alternating Shoulder Taps (L+R=1)

Mayhem Moms

AMRAP 20 Minutes
400m Run (if you feel comfortable running) OR 2:00 of Controlled Skipping in Place
20 Quarter Sit Ups OR PhysioBall Sit Ups OR Pelvic Tilts
100ft Bear Crawl OR 20 Bear Crawl Alternating Shoulder Taps (L+R=1)