November Giving Project

Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope is a local charity for families of terminally ill children. 

Every year Helena’s Police Department has their officers raise money for this charity. We will be joining Officer Trey Trapolino, one of our members, in helping raise money.  

Here’s how this works…..we are buying burpees, $1 = 1 Burpee, but there is a twist…

We will have goals to hit before we will perform the burpees.

The more we raise the more people we will have doing burpees. It’s also a great time to get your coaches back for all they make you do. 😉

When we raise $150 Officer Trapolino will perform 150 burpees. Every $150 we raise after that will “unlock” a new coach who has to perform burpees.

Looks like this:

$150 raised = 150 burpees for Trey
$300 raised = 150 burpees for first Coach*** 
$450 raised = 150 burpees for second Coach
$600 raised = 150 burpees for third Coach
…and so on….

I would love to see us raise at least $1,000.00 
***we will “unlock” a coach by drawing names every time we hit another goal 

Additionally if you as a member would like to participate you can allow friends, gym family and family members to buy burpees for you. 
If you would like to participate in that way, please let me know!

Cash and Checks only…all checks will need to be made payable to Wings of Hope. Donations are tax deductible