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CrossFit WOD, October 16, 2019

16 Oct 2019

Snatch Grip Deadlift (5×3@75% or Snatch 1RM / Strict Pull-ups)
this is not done off your DL 1RM; snatch and deadlift have different set-ups and they dont look exactly the same….use your snatch 1RM

Pull-ups perform strict pullups after each set

Metcon (Time)
200 Meter Run
12 DB Burpees (35/25)
200 Meter Run
12 Burpee Pull-ups

Scale for burpee pullups
perform your burpees first and then do band assisted strict pullups or box assisted pullups
scale total reps by doing 4 of each; make the pull up scale challenging

CAP 18 minutes