CrossFit WOD, October 15, 2019

15 Oct 2019

Power Clean + Hang Power Clean + Clean (E90S for 5 Sets; start at 50% lightest lift)
Perform one power clean and then one hang power clean and one squat clean without putting the bar down

Metcon (Time)
6 Rounds
30 DU
5 Windmills + OHL Right (26/18) (KBs)
5 Windmills + OHL Left
2 Wall Walks or HSW

Ok so today is not about time it is just about moving well.
DU – everyone works on DU
penguins/single+single+double/wiffle ball ropes
Windmills – scale weight, you can use 2.5# plates if needed
Wall Walks – half way up the wall or pike ups on a box
HSW distance you may choose anything between 15-30′