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CrossFit WOD, March 9, 2020

9 Mar 2020

Accessory WK 7 (Weight)
3 Sets
6 Single Arm Push Press (ea. arm)
10-15 Ring Rows**
12 Single Arm Tricep Extensions (ea. arm)
Rest 90 Seconds

**Use a bench (and if you need this to be more challenging

option 1

option 2

Active Fitness
Accessory WK 7 (Weight)

Metcon (Time)
For Time
75 KBS (53/35)
75 Wallballs (20/14)
EMOM perform 15 DU’s***

***These should be done in one set; MAX two sets…move on if you fail to complete in two sets

Should be able to knock out at least 10-15 reps every time you go back to the KBS or WB’s

12 Minute Cap

Active Fitness
Metcon (Time)