CrossFit WOD, January 10, 2023

CrossFit – Tue, Jan 10

Strength – All
Hang Power Snatch (10-8-6-10-8-6*)

*Light-Moderate for 1st wave and build to Moderate in the 2nd wave. The second wave of 10-8-6 should be heavier than the first.

Week 2 of 7 (Oly Cycle)

(Score is Weight)


Workout – All
Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


MIN 1&2 – AMRAP of…3 Hang Power Snatches (Athlete Choice, Mod/Mod-Heavy) + 7 Up-Downs Over Bar + 21 Double Unders*

MIN 3 – Rest

*Pick up where you left off. Reps on HPS should be performed unbroken.

(Score is Total Rounds + Reps)