CrossFit WOD, April 13, 2020

13 Apr 2020

2 Halting Clean Deadlifts + 1 Clean (7×1@70-75%)
You will perform 2 – halting clean deadlifts, pausing for 2 seconds at Liftoff (below the knee); 2 seconds at Launch (top of the knee); and 2 seconds at Down (hip pocket), then return to the floor and perform one full squat clean


Metcon (Time)
For Time
30 DB Hang C&J (50s/35s) (BB(115/75)
30 FR Alternating Lunges
20 DB Hang C&J (50s/35s) (BB(115/75)
20 FR Alternating Lunges
10 DB Hang C&J (50s/35s) (BB(115/75)
10 FR Alternating Lunges

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